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Understanding DMV Hearings

DMV Hearings in Downey

Defending Your Driving Privileges in California

Following your arrest, the court will suspend your California drivers' license for 30 days. This suspension can extend past that initial period unless you schedule a hearing with the California DMV. The state offers a limited time - called a statue of limitations - within which you can request this hearing. Therefore, we suggest you move quickly to make sure your driving privileges are not permanently affected.

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Preserve Your Driving Freedom with Our Defense Team

As your Downey DMV hearing lawyer, we are able to advocate for you on your behalf. This gives you an advantage during your hearing as we make a persuasive argument in your favor. Many individuals appear without representation at these hearings, and the results are almost always disappointing.

Your defense lawyer can be an asset at your hearing by:

  • Subpoenaing your arresting officer
  • Interviewing the arresting officer for specific details about the arrest
  • Uncovering errors made in the arrest
  • Revealing whether or not the officer was allowed to perform the breath test
  • Demonstrating a lack of adequate evidence against you

You May Be Able To Keep Your License

If we win your DMV hearing, you will be able to keep your license for now. Keep in mind that you will need our representation to continue through your DUI trial, since you could ultimately lose your license at that point, regardless of whether or not you won this phase of your DUI charges.

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