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Crimes of Felony in Southern California

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Felony crime convictions carry the heaviest sentences. Long bouts of incarceration, insurmountable fines, and permanent damage to your reputation are just a few of the consequences you might face if you are convicted of a felony. As a result of your conviction, it might be difficult for you to become employed, find housing, or care for your family.

You have other options however, find out more by consulting with our Downey felony attorney at the Law Office of Ronald M. Hall. We offer free consultations for all our clients. If you find yourself charged with a felony crime, call right away.

We fight passionately for our clients. You have the right to be heard, and to be defended by a California felony lawyer who is passionate about your rights. With our team, you can consistently expect respectful, professional legal counsel from a seasoned California felony attorney.

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Types of Felony Charges in California

In California, felony charges are serious criminal offenses that are generally punishable by imprisonment in state prison. Felonies are more severe than misdemeanors and can result in extremely harsh penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines, and other consequences.

There are two main types of felonies: “straight” felonies and “wobbler” felonies. The former can only be charged and sentenced as a felony, while the latter can be reduced to a misdemeanor or charged as a felony.

We represent all felony crimes charges, including:

Felony sentences in California can be classified as either determinate or indeterminate, depending on the nature of the offense and the sentencing laws in place.

Determinate sentencing refers to fixed-term sentences imposed for specific felony offenses. Under determinate sentencing, the length of imprisonment is typically predetermined by law and depends on the severity of the offense.

Indeterminate sentencing involves a range of possible prison terms for certain felony offenses. The actual length of imprisonment is determined by the parole board or other authorities after considering factors such as the offender's behavior, rehabilitation efforts, and progress during incarceration.

Indeterminate sentences are commonly used for more serious offenses such as murder, where the sentence may be "15 years to life." In such cases, after serving a minimum of 15 years, an inmate becomes eligible for parole, but ultimately the parole board has the final decision.

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